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About Us

The late, Bishop Frank T. Bozeman, Chancellor Emeritus

"During the Pandemic Educational institutions have had to move to remote and distant learning! No not Us! Our Founder and Former President and Chancellor, Bishop Frank T. Bozeman was a Visionary. 

GECCS has adopted his format upon conception! Come and join our Family

Today as you “ Change Your Life;You Change your World.” “The Global Way!”

GECCS, is noted for being a Bible-Based, Non-traditional, Non-governmental, Fully- Accredited, Spirit-led, Spirit-fed, Distance learning, Online, and Seminar track institution.

Join the “Global Way,” it's an unforgettable educational experience.

Students and parents no matter what your needs are, you can count on GECCS for the support you deserve. We see the needs of each student as unique, which is why all of our services can be completely personalized to fit specific needs and preferences. 

GECCS Motto:

“Empowered to Equip the World Through the World”

GECCS Vision

"Educating men and women from all walks of life in pandemic times, through virtual learning." 

GECCS an Accredited Institution! 

Global Evangelical Accrediting Commission

Accreditation Standard and Quality Assurance Criteria
Standard I:  Structure & Governance
Standard II:  Resources & Material
Stand III:  Policies & Procedures
Standard IV:  Faculty & Staff
Standard V:  Curriculum & Academics
Standard VI:  Evaluation & Effectiveness



GECCS Tuition and Fees

The Financial Seed:

application/evaluation fee = $200.00

Accredited Nontraditional Degree programs

Associate of Arts                 $2500.00

Bachelor of Arts                   $3500.00

Master of Arts                       $4500.00

Master of Divinity                 $5500.00

Doctor of Ministry                $6500.00

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology       $7500.00


Special non credit progams: courses can be evaluated towards college level courses

Diploma Program:        $2000.00 Non credit program for Biblical Enrichment

Certificates:                     $200.00 (per course) 

* Note – All tuition’s are considered as a financial seed sowed to promote non-traditional accredited Christian Education. In like manner, all fees are considered as a donation to GECCS. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Student/Learners in the local areas where GECCS Extensions are located must attend weekly seminar sessions. All academic colloquy and financial obligations must be met before any certificate, diploma, or degree will be awarded.

GECCS Mission

Today as you “ Change Your Life;You Change your World.” The Global Way!

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